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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Corvus - Amy
I am very attracted to this new skin by Corvus. It is a very simple skin and almost has a haunting look to it. I added some other Corvus makeup to the skin ( Under eyeliner and a Bullet Tattoo ) to make it more unique. 

HollyHood - Godiva Slacks
I was never into slacks on SL to be very fair, just because I like being overly girly and cute, I have to say I grown to like these slacks over the last couple of days, and since I don't blog much lingerie as well, I thought the pairing of the two together would be a sexy match. The " Godiva slacks " are straight legged and mesh in five sizes.

[Sakide] - Glitter Love Corset
As I stated above I wanted to take a beautiful glittery corset and turn it into a sexy but casual look ( if you go out in corsets ). This wonderful corset is apart of the Perfect Wardrobe and in 3 colors: White/Red/Black and maybe more if you check out their personal store. "Glitter Love " is also Bewbie applier friendly.

Pick Up Here

Skin - Corvus *New*
Pants - HollyHood *New*
Corset - [Sakide] * Perfect Wardrobe *
Bullet Hole - Corvus
Under Eyeliner - Corvus
Hair - Truth
Cardigan - [y]