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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sailor Owl

This month in Perfect Wardrobe it is a Circus in here. Atleast that is what the theme is. I have a bunch of themed goodies to talk about.

Pretty Liar - Carnie Nails
Now they may be a bit hard to see of course the poses does not do the nails justice, or it could be cause I put the nails in a pale pink. Comes with a HUD that comes with different colors themed with the event. I will be sure to include them in another post.

[Sakide] - Prima 
This outfit comes with the works. Sexy, Mesh, Mesh Bewbie Appliers, Corset and Panties..Check Check. It also comes with a skirt, but lately I have been going into this sexy sort of look. So I opted for a lingerie feel.

Sourires - Carnival Me!
This is one of my favorite pieces of this event thus far a giant owl like tattoo, BAM on my chest. It is so beautiful and I will definitely be using this again down the road in blogging history.

Little Bean - poses
These poses are all used in this post and can be purchased at The Black Market.

[Taketomi] - Usagi - Hair
I am so happy this hair was released, I am absolute in love with it. It comes with eyes, lipstick, skin, and hair in many colors of your choice.

~Beauty Info~

Hair - [taketomi] *New*
Outfit - [Sakide] *Perfect Wardrobe*
Nails - Pretty Liar *Perfect Wardrobe*
Tattoo - SOURIRES *Perfect Wardrobe*
Poses - Little Bean * The Black Market *
Skin - TSG
Shoes - +HUHU+
Antlers - Half-Deer
Horns - {Favole}