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Friday, March 1, 2013

Army Toast

Yesterday these new legwarmers came out and let me tell you they are way beyond adorable. They come with a shoe bottom base so you can wear them like regular shoes. Many different versions to choose from: Grape, Icee, Ketchup, Silver and Slime.

Every girl needs a good clubbing outfit and Corvus supplies them by the armful. This club dress is sexy and scandalous and hides the right parts in the right ways.

Located at the Luck of the Irish gacha festival are these awesome helmets. That is modifiable so you can stretch to fit any hair style. Comes in so many styles and colors, also very affordable price.

A very good buy is this cute little tail lantern. I modded it a bit by making the tail black and the lantern white. 

~Beauty Info~

Legwarmers - Beusy *New*
Dress - Corvus  *New*
Helmet - .:Kre-ations:. *Luck of The Irish Gacha *
Tail - .:Kre-ations:.*New*
Head - Tsg