I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dakota Moooooo

Corvus - Tat
A new tattoo for you to add to your collection. Located on the chest in different numbers.

Focus Poses - Model 126
All poses are from the Model 126, they are wonderful poses that come with a 9 in all.

Magika - Moment
I really enjoy this new hair, with it's equally new hair colors and in even more colors. So more colors for your money.

*Luck of the Irish*
Chus! - Star Child
These are twisty turny star child antennae's that comes in many colors.

Pretty Liar - Sparkle Wings
I love these wings so much and the chance to have them in my inventory and the fact that I will most likely use them in my everyday look. Comes in so many colors and the RARES, are absolutely gorgeous. I am currently wearing Light Pink.

* Whore Couture *
!ellemeno! - Glasses
I was given the wonderful task to blog these super cute glasses, which come in clean and dirty versions for all you dirty girls. Also comes in 8 colors and even a bow option to choose from.

* Group Gift *
{Poptart} - Sleepy Time Mooo
My obsession with cow started when I was in middle school...and I am so happy to see these in my inventory.

* Designer Circle *
Phoebe - Passion Ring 
This ring is made specially for all you girls who love texture changers, it comes in a love heart which you can change the inner and outer rings. Comes in 11 textures in many sizes.

Beauty Info

Tattoo - Corvus *New*
Wings - Pretty Liar *Luck of the Irish*
Glasses - !ellemeno! * Whore Couture *
Jammies - {Poptart} * Group Gift *
Rings - Phoebe * Designer Circle *
Antennae - Chus! * Luck of the Irish *
Roller Skates - The Secret Store * The Arcade*
Hair - Magika  *New*
Poses - Focus Poses *New*

Anything else I am wearing ask!