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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feather Weather

*BOOM* - Skirt
This is another look at the cute looking tutu frill skirts from *BOOM*

[Aux] - Spring Head
I love love this feather headdress so much, I am actually planning on going back down to the Collabor before it is up and buy some more of them. As you can tell from my blog not only do I highly support [Aux] creations past and present but I also love headdresses and other head accessories.

~Beauty Info~

Skirt - *BOOM* * Collabor88 *
Crown - [AUX] * Collabor88 *
Hair - Ploom * New Purchase *
Shoes - DMD
Visor - Taketomi
Tattoo - erratic
Top - 1 Hundred.
Wings - Pretty Liar