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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kawaii Mitten

(Elate!) - Jeans
So at first I thought I would not like these jeans since they are flared at the bottom and I didn't want to seem too professional but in the end who am I kidding, I am a colorful kawaii Elfie or so I am called.

Clawtooth - Hair
This hair is absolutely adorable and I bought the " Victim of Love " hairstyle in Bewitching Reds. Comes with 5 colors for 188L

.::Kre-ations::. - Bunny Ears
One of my favorite designers are in this round of Forgotten Closet made some awesome bunny ears with tiny butterflies on it. 

Luas - Phone Necklace
These tiny necklaces come in different color lanyards, now I know what time it is where ever I go ^_^.

NS:: - Kawaii Tanktops
This tank top comes with a texture Hud that changes from 4 different Kawaii girl styles.

~Beauty Info~

Crown - [AUX] *Collabor88*
Bunny Ears - .::Kre-ations::. *Forbidden Closet*
Tanktop - NS:: *New*
Pants - (Elate!) *Collabor88*
Hair - Clawtooth *Collabor88*
Phone Necklace - Luas *New*
Gloves - {.:exposeur:.}
Shoes - ABOMB
Antlers - +Half-Deer+
Wings - Pretty Liar