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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Garden Gnome


Zombie Suicide - Plugs and Freckles
Recently I have gotten these awesome freckles and plugs from Zombie Suicide, not only does the plugs have a cute little design on them ( a dead zombie girl ). They are designed for the Zombie Suicide ears which are located in the main store plus other new mall outlets. Also,the freckles come in many different shades from light to dark. ( Apparently my modding did not go through because my ears shifted when I crashed..)

=krautuve= -Necklace
I am in love love love with these deer cross necklaces. They come in different color sets and let me tell you, they absolutely fit my style. 

Luas - Crown
This is actually taken from an outfit set called "Rania" which is a fantasy belldancer-esque kind of outfit complete with tons of flowers.

{Poptart} - Hoodie
I have been seeing bunnie hoodies everywhere and this is the first post with the newest release from {Poptart}. Comes in colors:: Black, Blue, Grey Polka, Light Pink, White.

**TL** - Carrot 
This tiny carrot comes from the full set bunny outfit by Tay-Lay

~Beauty Info~

Plugs - Zombie Suicide *New*
Necklace - =krautuve= *New*
Crown - Luas *New*
Hoodie - {Poptart} *New*
Freckles - Zombie Suicide *New*
Carrot - **TL** *New*