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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phone Deer

* The Arcade *
+Half-Deer+ - Antlers
These were my FAVORITE part of this event and spent sooooo much money trying to get the full set, and in the end I did!! I was super happy you have no idea.

Pinkfuel - Skin
This pale skin was a perfect something something and I didnt expect to get the one I wanted with my second try. " Ghost " comes with boobie appliers for Lush and Lola.

Clawtooth - Hair 
The first run down with the hair brand and I have to say that with their super cute hairstyles and fantastic hair colors, it made me want more and more that I ended up getting 5 different colored ones for both " Surfer Rosa " and "Doolittle"

MIAMAI - Backpack
Another favorite from the festival, I really wanted to collect all the backpacks in black and white. I was able to get 3 b/w ones and then I got 1 red one. Score! 

PIDIDDLE - Kitty headband
I only was able to grab one of these headbands before I ran out of moneys, but I think it is super cute and affordable and I want to collect many more.

* Luck of the Irish*
Pretty Liar - Sparkle Wings 
MMMMM wings! I love sparkley, pretty things.

HollyHood - Grey Ambient Boots
Fangirling over these boots hardcore, not only do they have a raised heel but the buckles on the side makes me feel like a biker badass..Vroom!

.:pink-insidious:. - Petty Poses
This is the first prop pose I ever blogged by PI, and I love it since phones are a vital part of a lot of humans in the world. Comes with 6 poses and mirrored poses for left and right phone use. 

*Epic* - Reverb Slasher Suit
For the awesome girls who love boobies, this is a new body suit that supports your love and can be found at the new round of Bewbapalooza. Comes with Appliers, and various layers.

* New*
Action Hair - Studded Headband
Gotta love spikes on your head, I have been waiting for a headband like this.

~Beauty Info~

Suit - Epic * Bewbapalooza*
Headband - Action * New*
Boots - HollyHood *Designer Circle*
Poses - PI *Designer Circle*
Wings - Pretty Liar * Luck of the Irish*
Antlers - +Half-Deer+ * The Arcade *
Skin - PinkFuel * The Arcade *
Hair - Clawtooth * The Arcade *
Backpack - MIAMAI * The Arcade *
Eyes - Dead Apples * The Arcade *
Cat Headband - PIDIDDLE * The Arcade *