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Monday, March 18, 2013


Today's post is a bunch of new purchases I made over the weekend. I have a lot of stuff to unbox and today is kinda of a lazy day since I am a bit under the emotional weather.

*New Purchase*
*RibboN* - Long sleeve shirts 
I went to Love Soul the other day to get a goldfish purse ( which I am sure I will use to blog sometime ) and my bestfriend came across this tiny little outlet store with all these long sleeve shirts for only 40L each. I bought pretty much them all. 

DMD - Legwarmer Shoes
I have been really in love with legwarmers lately specially ones with shoes attached to them so when I went into one of my favorite store to blow off some depression steam I found these shoes just sitting there with my name on them. They are very fair price for all the textures you get with this purchase.

Sn@tch - Jeans
I had to have them, I saw them on the new clothes board and was like " HOMG " it brings me back to when I was a teenager and always rocked a pair of flower printed shorts like these. 250L for a pack of 9 in varies of layers. Also comes in some prim black cuffs for heel wearers.

Magika - Hair
Never did know if I would like this hair as much as I did, since the color was different in the ad. I decided to try it on before I judged it and I DID end up buying it in a natural color because I love the spring curls. The hair is called " Forget "

Gizza - Shoulder Pads
I got these as a freak accident type situation. My best friend wanted black ones very badly and I tried to get them for her, I got a couple of colors and of course kept the pink ones. They are super cute and even though they don't really go with the outfit they do add a certain something something to it. 

Beauty Info

Shirt - *RibboN* - *New Purchase*
Jeans - Sn@tch *New*
Shoulder Pads - GizzA * The Arcade *
Hair - Magika *New*
Legwarmers - DMD *New Purchase*
Skin - Glam Affair
Teeth - Shine
Cat Ears - Action