I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Love Soul - Bag
Fishy fishy, I love this bag it was about 125L maybe little more or less. You should definitely get one of these if you love to have fishes by your side like I do ^_^

*RibboN* - Shorts
Gacha shorts!!! I saw these at the RibboN main store and I had to have them. This store is a cheap, wonderful and fun store with many cute items available. I bought two gacha shorts for 20-30L each  (bad with remembering) and even one for my best friend. Score!

-Vershe- - Shoes 
These we are Midnight Mania explosion of awesomeness. Who doesnt love a good retro sneaker. They have a bit of a lift on them than your ordinary sneaker which means I am alittle taller today. 

Corvus - Belt
This is apart of a skirt set, but I decided to use the belt for it's awesome mesh properties. 

* Perfect Wardrobe *
{le fil casse} - fleur headband
Comes in so many different trio pattern colors. I am currently wearing the pastel version.

~G O L A Industry~ - Stay Kawaii Tee
I didn't take proper pictures but in the back it says " Keep Calm and Stay Kawaii ", with an adorable face in the front.

Rotten Defiance - Poptart!
Comes in 6 different possible styles ( currently wearing Chocolate icing ). I personally like the mustache one it is so cute.

 *New Purchase*
Wasabi Pills - Julia Hair
This is the newest hair at the moment from Wasabi Pills that is featured at the Whore Couture fair event.

Beauty Info

Shoes - Vershe *New*
Belt - Corvus *New*
Ring - Rotten Defiance * Perfect Wardrobe *
Shirt - G O L A * Perfect Wardrobe *
Headband - {le fil casse} * Perfect Wardrobe *
Shorts - *RibboN* *New*
Bag - Love Soul *New*
Hair - Wasabi Pills *New Purchase*
Socks - The Sugar Garden
Stockings - {Sugar Heart}
Skin - Mother Goose
Ears - +Half-Deer+