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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forest Doves

So many pictures today, I tried a different template for the poses and in the end I did not 

This years pose fair is gonna be amazing with the help of //elephante poses// and the many selections you have a chance of getting. Each picture in this post is provided by these wonderful poses: " If I Lose Myself Tonight", " Move Along ", and " Let's Go ".

" If I Lose Myself " - I headed outside of this pose with a bunch of doves. This pose prop consists of 6 different selections and is copy-able. 
" Move Along " - A pose pack of 6 poses and a lot of foot action. 
" Let's Go " - My friend Zombie and I decided to try out this pose together because I thought it would be kinda funny to have a male on a girl v girl pose. It turned out pretty great, except my ultimate short fail that we could not end up linking hands, like the pose required.

I got these awesome colored collars from The Dressing Room and I could not be happier with the price for them and the color scheme. They come in 3 retro neon colors: Pink, Green and Blue.

( Look how handsome he is!! ^_^ )

Zombie Suicide - Leopard Plugs
To add to their vast collection of plugs and ears, this is the new set of super kawaii leopard plugs with touchable color scripting.

[SAKIDE] - Shirt
I absolutely enjoy these new shirt sets from [SAKIDE] they include alot of mesh components including, buttons,cuffs and even a color scripted tie which you can change 7-8 different colors.

This was an Easter item that I could not pass over, I think it is very cute and it has " Happy Easter" written on the butt not to mention a small little bunny on the front pocket.

DuckNipple - Zaar Boots
Every girl needs a good sexy pair of lace up boots, and of course I have been in awe of the stuff Duck Nipple has put together which includes her legwarmer shoes and boots. These shoes are mesh and color Hud scripted in many different colors. 

This is just another attempt of me making an outfit out of spare parts, and in this rendition of my outfit I took a simple buckle belt from the SLX Outfit set called " Angel " which is a beautiful plain jean outfit with a lovely blouse.

^;^CaTwA^;^ - Katniss Hair
" Katniss " is a long beautiful hair style that comes in different colors and a color scripted Hud that changes the color of the headband which is braided into the hair. I find this hairstyle refreshing and unique.

~Beauty Info~

Plugs: Zombie Suicide *New*
Shirt: [SAKIDE]  *New*
Dungaree: .::Kre-ations::.  *New*
Boots: DuckNipple  *New*
Belt: SLX  *New*
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^  *New*
Choker: PIDIDDLE *Dressing Room *
Poses: //elephante poses// *Pose Fair 2013*
Horns: Rotten Defiance
Glasses: [Riddle]
Ears: Zombie Suicide
Face Stars: [ni.ju]