I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Assumption Butterfly

( These pictures were taken at my very very good friend's land and I made him be in the post with me *pokes the picture above* )

Tay-Lay Designs - Legwarmer Shoes + Other goodies
These shoes are apart of her Cute Little Devil Outfit which I so proudly got to own from their collection of awesome partially mesh outfits.
I am currently wearing the legwarmers/shoes, tail and a little lollipop I keep safe in my legwarmer with the face of the ever so lovable Jack.

SLX Outfit - Necklace
I also took this necklace from a full outfit by SLX Outfit called " Starred ". A sexy drapery necklace with many beads and a small charm that sits close to the left side of my chest.

{ d o l l l e * } - Shorts & Shirt
I was very happy when I heard I got accepted into the cute store { d o l l l e * } and was able to blog these " Off-Shoulder Shirt's " and " Unzipped Leather Shorts ". 
Each item comes in a bunch of different colors and are completely mesh. The dottie shirts are so well made, and I was super excited because the way the sleeves are made are flirty and comfortable.

*New Purchase*
Eep - Hair 
I have always wanted a short like bob and was so happy to see that a brand new store named Eep stepped on the scene to provide me with my hair like obsession. This A line bob comes in many different colors including those cute pastel/retro rainbow colors for the standard hair price of 250L.

 *Perfect Wardrobe*
//elephante poses// - Butterflies
Ever wanted to fly with the butterflies? This pose prop lets you do just that, I got to frolic through the flowers  and play with some butterflies..Comes with 6 poses.

~Beauty Info~

Legwarmer Shoes - *TL* *New*
Necklace - SLX Outfit *New*
Shirt - { d o l l l e * } *New*
Shorts - { d o l l l e * } *New*
Hair - Eep *New Purchase*
Lollipop - *TL* *New*
Tail - *TL* *New*
Poses - //elephante poses// *Perfect Wardrobe*
Beanie - Hollyhood
Shoulder Tat - [trs]
Stomach Tat - Liquid Honey
Nails - Pretty Liar
Rings - Phoebe