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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frisky Business

I was obsessed with the picture with my best friend and I, so I incorporated in a bunch of times.

Pretty Liar - Collar ( Apart of a complete outfit )
So this weekend Pretty Liar put out an sexy bunny outfit and instead of wearing the whole outfit I decided to take the collar from it, because it is absolutely adorable. Just a simple white collar with a little black tie. I do declare they should make a whole set of them.

Magika - Rewind
I love Magika hairs, I have been collecting them for as long as I could remember, I specially love the names of the hairs itself. This new hair out this week is called Rewind, a spiral/string combo controlled by one HUD. The string is separate from the hair to easy on and off access.

NS:: - Sunglasses
I stole these little sexy glasses from a full outfit called " Sensuality Noir ". A full outfit with shoes, jewelry, bottom and top body suit. 

Fappy - Pasties
I love this owner, she is super playful and fun and sometimes I just want to give her a freaking hug. So when she showed me these pasties, my heart went so high up in the clouds. These pasties comes in sets of 4 and they are super kawaii and of course I would put on the kitty ones with this sexy outfit. I feel so naked and I like it.

~Beauty Info~

Collar - Pretty Liar  *New*
Sunglasses - NS::  *New*
Hair - Magika *New*
Nipple Pasties - Fappy The Big Boobies Show*
Top Pose - Glitterati * The Big Boobies Show*
Earrings - Sn@tch
Armwarmers - [Sakide]
Antlers - +Half-Deer+
Headband - RO
Corset - Elixir