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Friday, April 19, 2013


I do not have much to say.

These posts are for the women who love to skate, of course if you are like me it doesn't matter what you wear as long as the pose fits right. All poses in this blog post are from //elephante poses// and comes with 6 lovely poses to choose from.

Zombie Suicide - Bio Mask
I have always rocked this style in the past, the bio hazard signs, goggles and fluffies in real life. It is wonderful to see this color scripted bio surgical mask well made and comes in so many different colors to fit your avatar. I had to mod it a bit to fit my big head, not to mention it is mesh.

Yulicie - Necklace & Milk Box
Mmmm Ice cream, now comes in a tiny charm necklace that you can wear around your neck. Yummy flavors : Blueberry, Choco, Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla. Wear your Ice cream proud.
Also for those girls and guys that love milk to make those bones strong they come in flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana. Drink it or hold it.

{Poptart} - Warmer Heels
I got these awesome heels a couple weeks ago and I have to say they are beautiful in print and design but man I had a hard time finding an outfit to put together with it...I am happy to announce I found a semi good outfit that showcases how beautiful they are. I love the pattern and specially the pattern in the pink colored ones. Comes in Black, Blue, Pink and Purple.

Wasabi Pills - Lily
This is the newest hair selection from Wasabi Pills and it is so darling. I enjoy long mesh hair and this hair is also for boob appliers so you have even more avi making possibilities.

.::Kre-ations::. - Horns
Animated for your pleasure. These cute horns have ethier butterflies or leaves falling around the base of the horns. Also there is a bunch of critters all over them. Spiders...Eeek.

Squrires - Hanky Top
Sexy bandanna stop in 5 colors: Black, Cyan, Pink, Red and White.

*Luckie* - Cutesie Heart
Another cute stocking from *Luckie*. In tons of vibrant colors but of course I love the neutral black the best. Not to mention the cute cut out hearts.

Crash Republic - Kawaii Bow
This bow is absolutely perfect and perfectly placed. Comes in 8 colors of happiness..

~Beauty Info~

Mask - Zombie Suicide *New*
Necklace - [y] *New*
Milk Box - [y] *New*
Horns - Kre-ations *New*
Warmer Heels - {Poptart}  *New*
Tights - *Luckie* *Kawaii Fair *
Bow - [Crash Republic] *Kawaii Fair *
Top - Squrires *Perfect Wardrobe*
Hair - Wasabi Pills *New*
Poses - //elephante poses// *New*

Anything Else Ask!!