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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bomb Squad

Zombie Suicide - Headband
Color scripted click and change. You can modify it to fit your head, and the bandanna print is adorable.

*Luckie* - Wild Net Tights
Comes in many bright neon colors and two neutral black and white colors. Sold seperate of course. In a pant and undergarment layer.

Retro - Necklace & Necktie
Have you seen this cute cactus necklace? It is one of my favorites from the fair itself. It reminds me of the cactus from Final Fantasy. Also these professional and cute ribbon ties that comes in so many colors for a cheap price.

This cute prop pose set comes with a little Grenade and 6 poses to play around with. All poses in this blog is provided by this pack.

Forever Young - Nails
I love nails, and this round of PW is all about Camo, so when Forever Young put out these color hud scripted nails I thought I would give them a whirl. You can choose 4-8 colors.

[trs] - Denim Shorts
They made a comeback with these shorts and this time they made them better than ever. Now with a texture change Hud in 4-8 different colors.

Duck Nipple - Apoc Hoodie
Some reason when I wear this I think of Assassins Creed. Comes with a hood as well not to mention the ever so famous HUD to change the color from many possibilities. ( I love DN so much for their Huds you have no idea )

Clawtooth - Love my Way
I am in love with this hair so much, since I have had this mesh head I always thought that hair's with bangs on it would look terrible but I found the first hair that actually looks amazing with it. I bought the Exquisite Red pack for 275L

~Beauty Info~

Headband - Zombie Suicide *The Black Market*
Hoodie - DuckNipple *New*
Tights - *Luckie* *Kawaii Fair*
Shoulderpads - PP *Kawaii Fair*
Necklace - Retro *Kawaii Fair*
Neck Ribbon - Retro *Kawaii Fair*
Poses - //elephante poses// *Perfect Wardrobe*
Nails - :FY: *Perfect Wardrobe*
Shorts - [trs]  *Perfect Wardrobe*
Hair - Clawtooth *New*