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Monday, April 8, 2013

Trusting Pikachu

Hello everyone, my mind is total clear and I am happy again. No one can keep this little busy bee down for long. This post I realized that I do not really have " Style " but an eye for oddity and detail. So I hope you love my posts as much as I love to put them together...I thank all my sponsors, followers and even viewers..You are what matters most to me.
( Bird Boy )

* New*
Pretty Liar - Dresses
Oh so much nostalgia looking at all these dresses that I had to incorporate most of them into my blog some how, These are a short few of the many that are available. 
Left to Right :: 90'sKidsWillKnow, R2D2, NyanKitty,NomTheBalls,It'sAMeMario and Dark Knight. 

[trs] - Necklace
" Unlock my Heart " can be found at this round of Bewbapalooza 
Comes in 4 other styles. 

DuckNipple - Shoes
These are super cute and mesh. Comes in styles like Argyle, Stripes and Polka dots. Also comes with a shoe and non shoe option.

{Poptart} - Wands
I received these wands last night and I was super happy to play with them. Little Miss Poptart is famous for her many gacha machines and these is a new edition along with Sparkle crowns which I will show off in a later post. I love the bubble gum wand the best and comes with particles ( which I turned off for the post )

*New Purchase*
^;^CaTwA^;^ -  Hair
I bought this hair because of two reasons.
One because I never seen a hair with a hat attached, but I mean like a pretty gorgeous flowing hair in many pastel pretty colors. Two because it comes with this little shawl like design which is color scrip-table  Comes with a pair of kitty ears as well and like I stated before also color scrip-table.

I am not very certain if The Dressing Room is over or not but I bought these sweet poses. Inside the pack contains 6 different poses, a Hud and a stand. 

~Beauty Info~

Dress - Pretty Liar * New*
Necklace - [trs] *Bewbapalooza*
Shoes - DuckNipple * New*
Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ *New Purchase*
Poses - -.label motion.- *The Dressing Room*
Wand - {Poptart}  * New*
Collar - Delicious 
Face Stars - [ni.ju]
Antlers - [D]oki
Armwarmers - [SAKIDE]