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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had to work crazy hours and I was exhausted...not to mention locked out of my own house. Yay Tuesdays...Well now it is Wednesday and this outfit is totally overdue...being a big fan of Batman this is just my favorite outfit.
( Addicted to this head, can you tell? )

[QE] - Garter Stockings
These beautiful, bright and stylish stockings come from a Bewbapalooza set by [QE] called " Spring Break ".  This outfit has a bunch of different color editions and comes in sets called Sherbet, Mint, Oatmeal, Lollipop and Frosting, which also features different colored garters as well.

//elephante poses// - Dominoes 
I am not entirely sure how *fi*Friday works ( or if it is still going )
All my poses are from the new pack called " Dominoes" which is available for 55L as well as a all male pack.

Pretty Liar - Dress & Shoes
This is another look at the Dark Knight dress which is amazing and I love it so much because like I stated in my intro Batman is my favorite. ( Well Harleyquinn but you get it )
As a new edition to Pretty Liar's store these sexy Camo sneakers. They come with a Hud and 8 changeable colors in camo style colors.

Luas - Tattoo
You cannot see it very well in this post so I am gonna have to use it again in the future, but on my arms you see white lined paint. I think it is very inventive and I have been looking for more paint like tattoos to wear on my avi. This paint art comes from a outfit set called " Idaira " which is a gorean style outfit with lots of piercings and attach-ables that I will definitely use in future outfits.

NS:: - Goggles
I also took these from a set called " Kawaii Kitty " which features a bunch of cute components but my favorite part were these awesome goggles which I am gonna be using a lot.

~Beauty Info~

Garter Stockings - [QE] *Bewbapalooza*
Sneakers - Pretty Liar *New*
Dress - Pretty Liar *New*
Tattoo - Luas *New*
Goggles - NS:: *New*
Poses - //Elephante poses//  *fi*Friday*
Lunchbox - [Avoid]
Collar - Sn@tch

Anything Else Plz Ask!!