I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Last Wintery Kiss

~ New Patient Information ~

Ears:: Kre-ations :: Crystalize ( Gacha ):: *Christmas Market *
Staff:: Kre-ations :: Jack Frost Staff ::*Christmas Market *
Dress:: Kre-ations :: Winter Kiss ::*Christmas Market *
Boots:: NS:: :: Winter Boots ( Color Scripted ) :: * Limited till 5th of Dec 1L *
Eyeshadow:: Pink Acid :: Icy Coral :: * Winter Trend *
Poses:: //elephante poses// :: Losing my Balance :: * Posetastic! *

~ Update Information ~

Hello all, I just wanted to give you this cute outfit inspired by the ever so talented Kre-ations, it took me a bit to get this look to you because I couldnt find the right shoes...I was gonna go barefoot but I would freeze my toes off..and I really wouldnt like that. Lol 
Anyways everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving, for I am thankful for the readers, subscribers and designers for always making me feel special. Not to mention my family on and off Secondlife.

Todays song is gonna be a Christmas Song because I am in a festive mood, which is very rare to me because I am actually one of those people who hates Christmas Music, of course because my favorite group sings it, there is an exception..