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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Experimental Accident

~ New Patient Information ~

Hair:: *Milk* :: Alice :: * Free*
* Must be in update group * * Limited Time Only *
Bodysuit:: [Vershe] :: Assets Bodysuit ( Lime ) :: * SoHo Market *
Donuts:: {Amai } :: Go Nuts! Donuts :: * New *
* New Store * * Donuts can be put anywhere! * * Each Pack has 7 Flavors *

~ Other Important Information ~

Gloves:: [P] :: Demonbaby Gloves ( Yellow )
Tattoo:: Letis Tattoo :: Hannya
Shoes:: *Epic* :: Neo Mega Stompers 
Eyes:: TSG :: Vibrant ( Dark Brown ) 
Stockings:: [NerdMonkey]
Visor:: [taketomi] :: Moon Visor 
Shoulderpads:: PP :: Spiked Military 
Goggles:: [geek.] :: Best Fort Ever 
* Donuts not included *
Hat:: Kre-ations :: Balloon Ribbon 
Winged Headband:: Rotten Defiance 

~ Patient Update Information ~ 

So this set was alittle strange because I found this cute prop of a machine and decided I wanted to look like some kawaii experiment who eventually gets out and wants to go back in...haha the pictures look alittle blue which is when I was in the prop itself...So I hope you like it regardless..
And as you can see I am in love with these Pixel Demon Baby gloves, I have them in every color..Lol 
Todays Song ::  2NE1 - Missing You