I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Taste of Blurple

~ New-Venties ~

★ Hair:: +Spellbound+ :: Nahara ( UnNatural Ombres ) :: * New *
Shorts:: Elska :: Dat Booty Shorts ( Dottie ) :: * 100 Block *
★ Hairbow:: Zombie Suicide :: Tentacle Hair Bow V1 :: * Spring Break Fair *
★ Corset:: R3VOLT! :: Fiora Corset V3 :: * New *
" So R3VOLT! is back with making my heart melt like a grilled cheese sandwich, not only is this corset beyond flawless..R3VOLT! has one of the most advanced customization I have seen for such a cheap price. You can literally change everything on this corset with a swift click of a button. "
Neck Tattoo:: Pantsu*Hunter :: Lace Tattoo (70%) :: * New* 
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Dark Brown ) :: * Cosmetic Fair *

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~

Glasses:: ellemeno :: Clean Glasses
Gloves:: [-p-] :: DemonBaby Gloves (white)
★ Kitty Ears:: The Sugar Garden :: Neko Cosplay ( Black ) 
Pop:: Pretty Liar :: Sloppy Pop ( Bubblegum )
Collar:: BOOM :: Home by Midnight ( doll pink ) 
★ Necklace:: .Olive. :: Zodiac Necklace 
Bag:: .Olive. :: The Mocchiilla Bag
Wings:: Pretty Liar :: Sparkle Wings 
★ Piercings:: Cute Poison :: Stellar 
Eyeshadow:: A&A :: Princess Blossom Eyeshadow
Freckles:: A&A :: Basic Tintable Freckles
Shoes:: *EPIC* :: Neo Mega Stompers
Stockings:: Pretty Liar :: Thi-Hi  (Raspberry)
Socks:: Arsenic Lace :: Plain Stripes ( Purple ) 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna ( B Tone )
Spots:: +AH+ :: Spotty Faun Tattoo
Garters:: Violent Seduction :: Vinyl Star
Poses:: Starry Heaven :: Rina/Reo/Reina/Mayumi Packs

~ Blurbble ~

I changed my blog cover title thingy. I think I am gonna have a love affair with it today.
I also stopped DJing for the time being. I realized it took up alot of the time I had for blogging and maybe some people could keep up with all of it plus a RL...but I have been working so hard in RL job style...and let me tell you I am exhausted to the point where I should punish myself for only getting 4 hours a sleep a night.

Also two of my blogger besties and I have been getting dressed together...So I am actually creating outfits for future blog posts before I even finish one...which is gonna save me so much time. Yay Time.
I wish I had more of it.