I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Like Pure Snow

~ New-Venties ~
εïз = HUDDED
Dress:: Corvus :: Jasmine Dress ( white ) :: * New *
εïз Headband:: Adore&Abhor :: Lovely Forest ( Mousy ) :: * New *
" I didnt get to blog them for the Lazy Sunday special so they are now full price in the store ^^ "
εïз Sandals:: EMPORIUM :: Spring Sandal ( Slink Med ) :: * New *
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Ice Blue ) :: * Cosmetic Fair * 
εïз Nail Applier:: Bella Elephante :: Color Me Spring :: * Cosmetic Fair *

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~

εïз Cuffs:: SilentSparrow :: Fenris Cuff
εïз Headdress:: .Olive. :: Captivating Headdress 
εïз Horns:: +Half-Deer+ :: Aventine Horns ( Pastella )
Collar:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Le Fleur ( shadow )
Necklace:: Rotten Toe :: Double Pearl Necklace
Ring:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Rose ( Shadow )
Liner:: [ni.ju] :: Saccharum Tat
Freckles:: A&A :: Basic Tint Freckles
Whiskers:: {Sugar Heart} :: Cat Whiskers
Blush:: Dead Apples :: Anime Blusher
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Baby Tone B
Poses:: Lalochezia & Little Bean :: Royal & Boobie Set 
Tattoo:: NEO** :: Moon Light
εïз Hair:: Wasabi Pills :: Laura 

~ Blurbble ~

So I have a lil story...When I am sad or under the weather as I have been over my parental being anything other than a parental unit, I buy snacks..Japanese snacks..I bought these yummy caramel popcorn without the annoying seedlings in it...like a cheese doodle with caramel. It is probabley the tastiest thing I have ever had.
Besides the lack of sleep, the mass production of bloggity outfits, I am feeling good and I am happy to present to you this outfit. Some reason one of my blogger groups was not working correctly..because I wouldnt have passed over these lovely headpieces from Adore&Abhor, and didnt realize that they sent them out, for which I am sorry.
I also have updated all my sponsor logos in the Designer tag at the top of this post. It was time to go through and fix some of them.