I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whiskey Dreams

~ New-Venties ~
☢ = Hudded

☢ Headband:: A&A :: Lovely Forest Bunny :: * New *
" Although these are no longer in their respected events, they are able to be purchased in stores for full price. "
☢ Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Ami Hair :: * New *
☢ Blouse:: DuckNipple :: Andrea :: * New *
☢ Leggings:: EMPORIUM :: Coquette Leggings #6 RARE :: * Store Gacha *
" These Leggings are Hudded because they are the rare version, the other 5 versions are single colored while the rare is printed. "
Dot Blush:: Pantsu*Hunter :: Animu Blush ( Dots ) :: * New *
Tail:: {yumyums} :: Frisky Succubus Tail :: *We Love Role-Play *
☢ Nail Applier:: Buttery Toast :: Them Bones! :: * New *
Flower:: VCO :: Romantic Bouquet :: * The Seasons Story *

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~ 

Tail:: AUX :: Foxy Tails
Antlers:: +Half-Deer+ :: Eternum Antlers
Shoulderpads:: LUAS :: Winter Shoulder Armor
Bandaid:: {PopTart} :: Bandaid
☢ Lashes:: DMD :: Happy Doll
Freckles:: -Utopiah- :: My Freckled Blush
Teef:: {Sugar Heart} :: Bunny Teef
Scars:: Corvus :: Cheek Scars
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Zombie Attack 
Makeup:: {S0NG} :: Zombie Attack
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Hope ( B Tone)
☢ Hair:: (FD) :: Luna
Far Away Poses:: Kirin :: Sakura/Catty/Autumn Breeze
Nail Pose:: {W&R}

My blog has nothing to do with Whiskey...I just like how it sounds
So lately since I have stopped DJing I have had so much more time to blog. It has been refreshing and wondrous not to mention I got alot of my creativity back. I feel as if I am not stressed and not wondering how I can accomplish a post rather then going at it full force like I do now. Heck I am even posting on a weekend...that is unusually rare.