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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lollipops on my knees

[`·.] New-venties [.·´]

Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Little Witch Hair (Hat Turned off ) ( Hudded ) :: * RMK Gothic Halloween 2014 *
Tie:: [Geek.] :: Basic Training Tie ( Black ) :: * Uber *
Jeans:: NS:: :: Mesh Jeans Unbuttoned ( Hudded) :: * New *
Horns:: .Sweet Thing. :: Nightmare Dreamkeeper :: * The Gathering *
Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: Overly Done Fake Lips ( Barbie )( Gacha Garden ) :: * The Candy Fair *
Pads:: -PixiCat- :: Crew Armor ( Lollipop )( Gacha Garden ) :: * The Candy Fair *
Jacket:: -PixiCat- :: Candy Crew ( Lollipop ) :: * The Candy Fair *
Holdable:: RazzBerry Inc. :: Cotton Candy Pink ( Gacha Garden ) :: * The Candy Fair *
Poses:: *EverGlow* :: Sugar Poses ( 10 Poses ) :: * The Candy Fair *
Necklace:: Candy Crushers :: Alien Paul Necklace ( Purple ) :: * Candy Shop *

[`·.] Dress Me Up, Oppa  [.·´]

Tail:: The Sugar Garden :: Cosplay Clip on ( White ) 
Glasses:: .Sweet Thing. :: Heart Frames ( Lenseless ) 
Crown:: [RI] :: Lolli Crown ( Rainbow ) 
Bodysuit:: TwInS FaShIoN :: Jordane Body 
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Anim ( Black Eyes ) 

[`·.] Blurbble [.·´]

So yesterday was my B1A4 concert...It was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life.
There was tons of girls in line talking about every group imaginable..I found tons of other Shawols like myself and even this cute little Indonesian girl who squees over Taemin and Jinki. The girls I met were so nice and even though I was really quiet and awkward I would love to see them again sometime since they live in my state. It was exhilarating to finally meet people in RL who share the same common interest. The group was amazing, live in person and in tight white pants. They sang all my favorite songs and even one I never heard of before ( mostly because I never focus much on ballads )..Anyways I could go on forever but for now..enjoy this post.

This is also my entry post for PixiCat, I am super behind so I didnt get this post out when I made it on Thursday but I hope I was able to meet the deadline. I would be pretty ecstatic to be sponsored by them.

ALSO ( because I cant seem to stop talking ) ..This is my first post as an EverGlow sponsor..If that came out weird I am sorry..I am super duper duper excited..EverGlow was one of my favorite pose stores along with Glitterati back when I was a newbie. Thank you thank you thank you for accepting me into your arms.

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