I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Sunday, October 5, 2014


<º))))><.·´¯`·.  Mention-ables  .·´¯`·.><((((º>

<º))))><.·´¯`·.  New-Venties  .·´¯`·.><((((º>
Ghostie:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Lil Ghost (M4ri) :: * RMK Halloween *
Staff:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Lil Witch ( Thanako ) Staff :: * RMK Halloween *
Cat Ears:: PANTSU*HUNTER :: Feline Familiar :: * RMK Halloween *
Dress:: PANTSU*HUNTER :: Little Witch :: * RMK Halloween *
Ring:: [Geek.] :: My Favorite Shade Ring ( Onyx ) :: * Uber *
Collar:: ALTAIR* :: Hime Collar ( Violet )(Hudded) :: * The Big Show *
Necklace/Armbands:: LUAS :: Mila Bracelets & Collar :: * The Gathering *
Ring no 2:: Pink Acid :: Whipped Ice Cream ( Lavender Cream )(Gacha Garden):: * The Candy Fair *
Shoes:: .Sweet Thing. :: Sweetheart Booties ( Pure Black ) :: * The Candy Fair *
Nail Applier:: Bella Elephante :: Cotton Candy (Hudded) :: * The Candy Fair *
Hair:: TRUTH :: Posy (Hudded) :: * New *

<º))))><.·´¯`·. Dress Me Up, Oppa .·´¯`·.><((((º>

Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Anim ( Purple ) 
Lipstick:: The Sugar Garden :: Sparkle Lips ( Doll's Nude ) 
Bindi:: [okkbye] :: Moon Bindi ( White ) 
Makeup:: Pink Acid :: Metallic Eyeliner ( Purple/White ) 
Socks:: The Sugar Garden :: Frilly Lace Socks ( White ) 
Tights:: +BLUEBLOOD+ :: Elvira Tights ( Purple ) 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna (B Tone) 
<º))))><.·´¯`·. Blurrble .·´¯`·.><((((º>

Hmmm what happened to me today...Nothing really.
I watched a lot of a drama called Dream High 2 and fell head over feet for one of the leads in it.
Of course I did I cant go one show without having a small crush on someone till it is over.
IS that how most shows work anyways? You bias someone and then when it is over you just forget about them entirely. I also watched the movie Carrie ( The newest ). I love the lead Chloe I think she is beautiful and ultimately why I watched it in the first place but I found the movie to be kinda silly..I mean it is a good concept but I didnt like the ending of it very much.

I also missed the deadline for PixiCat but I hope all of my friends get a fair chance to be apart of their sponsorship ^^ 

I really enjoy this song, I always hum it whenever I watched Hocus Pocus and it is always a song that gets stuck in your head.

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