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Thursday, April 22, 2010

13L Gacha's @ Blueblood

So it is a fantasy fair that drags my butt out of bed in the middle of the night in sweats. The fantasy fair that makes me so excited I have to check out all freebie, dollarbie and anything considering cheaply.
The fair that ends the 22nd and that is a sad thing but not before I tell you about the cool gacha's that
Blueblood has to offer.
There is two types of gacha's, Their is the balloon dress gacha and the Dread which I am gonna expose to the world right now...since I have done balloon in a previous mental blog.

When Blueblood is mentioned there is not one person on Secondlife who does not know who they are, like +Dv8+ they are a very popular clothing store and even though different clothing options and packaging ideas they still are both in the top 10 wantage by shoppers around the grid.

The beautiful outfit to my right is the Dread which is a 13 linden gacha machine outfit. They come in variety of 4 colors and if my memory is right.. blue, yellow,red and teal ( my color scale could be off ).

It comes with alot of prims and a smile shirt and pants layer with lots and lots of ruffle prims but you cant take them off and make it look simple but I personally love it with the ruffles. I am a ruffle kind of girl.

Or if you are like me...You can just take the skirt off and have a meal.

Avatar Credits::
Outfit:: BlueBlood
Shoes: A-Bomb
Hair: Magika

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