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Monday, April 26, 2010

+DV8+ New GO FISH Outfit

So I did a little changing of the colors because I like to be unique
This week's GO FISH! Prize is a new outfit released at+DV8+ aka my job. I have come to realize that I am like the poster child ( out of many ) for +DV8+ always wearing their stuff and you can tell that mostly every blog post made in these magical 1 and half months has had an item from the +DV8+ which means you can never have enough.

+DV8+'s GO FISH! is called Bad Poetry which is a mix of lace and latex and has many parts to choose from. Ultimately it is like the Razor set for people who know what I am talking about and has many many combinations for the unique you.
It comes in the colors Cinnamon and Black and if you don't feel like spending time fishing for it in the store pond then you can buy it for 600L which is cheaper then the Razor set ( but will never be cooler then the Razor fyi. ) and beautifully unique.

Now I just tuned it up to my own standards changing the cinnamon to purple. Using the eggplant Bad Poetry boots, Iris Morrhigan corset ( jacket layer) and some other cute trinkets here and there I have made a complete different look of the poster and expressing my own style.. ( of hoedom )
The best part of this outfit is that it makes you bum look great, comes in varies layers and how it balances between lace and latex..Not to mention up to you to create your very own look for free ( not including the rod and bait ). If you choose to fish properly you will be waiting for quite awhile and by the time you get all the peices you might get alot ( and I mean ALOT ) of fish.

So dont miss your chance to get this nicely, inspiring outfit from
+DV8+ and dont forget to say hi to the nice live models who keep you company when you shop...:)

Avatar Credits:
Everything: +DV8+
Skin: Mango Mango

**NOTE:: There is more pictures in my flickr if you ever want to peek at awesome others.. Harleyquinn Constantine ***

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