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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rag Dollz Does Harleyquinn

If anyone knows me in Secondlife it is that I am in love with Harleyquinn and my name on Secondlife is dedicated to that obsession I had since Harley first set on the scene in the 1992 in the animated series. So I was only 3 at the time but I loved her as much as I love any cartoon character. Somehow I consider Harley a love able character because of her will to do anything for the one she loves who is the joker, who she refers to him as Mr. J or Sweetums.

IGN referred to Harley as #45 in the best comic book villains of all time

The awesome Rag Dollz made a Harleyquinn themed avi based off the 2009 Batman game Arkham Asylum, where quinnie gets a complete makeover though how she got the outfit is unknown but I am guessing stealing a nurses uniform can be a key ingredient.

The outfit comes with everything seen in the picture above ( the real harley ) with the exception for the shoes and the hair. I love this outfit so much because it comes with the skin and the right colors and everything is pretty much the same. The only thing it doesnt come with is the actual shoes, instead she made them into socks, which I can deal with it. You can turn this harleyquinn outfit into your own with adding different shoes and hair.
When I took pictures I used plain black shoes not realizing that I have all the shoes in different colors including the red and purple which I could have made a total switch and pull it off, of course I thought of it after I took the picture.
Rag Dollz also has other character portrayed outfits including many of the members of the Moulin Rouge which was an excellent movie and the avis are all beautifully remade. Harleyquinn's outfit runs at 199L and comes with Gloves,Shorts, Skin, Top, Hat, Shirt, Skirt, and Stockings. So that is a pretty good deal for 199L and specially with it being Harleyquinn and all :D

Avatar Credits::
Entire Outfit:: Rag Dollz
Shoes: +DV8+
Hair: +DV8+

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