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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

50L Skin and Hair Sale @ Deviant Kitties

Deviant Kitties is having a sale where all their skins and hairs are only 50L...Now before this happened I didn't know she made skins because I am not very store savvy and since starting this blog I have realized that I go to so many sales I have no clue what it what anymore.

This place is a very big space with lots of goodies and crazy hair that was just like " gimmie gimmie" but that wasn't my direct intention this time around because I have gathered enough hair to sink a ship.

I really wanted to get a closer look at the skin, I never knew Deviant Kitties made skin so I was more intrigued that and my friend Juju had to steal me away from the zombie slaying ( which is so much fun ) to go see them.
I was a bit hesitant at first because I know of a few skin shops who make their skin faces so beautiful but give up half way down and forget shadowing and definition, specially since on occasions I do wear bare mid drifts and their is just no definition enough to wear them so I move on to another skin.

Deviant Kitties isn't the case I bought two skins ( Diamond and Valentine ) which are two totally different skins but in the same tone which is tan. I never been much of a tan kinda girl but these skins made me try something new and work it with a completely not my style first pick outfit.

Diamond is a shimmery under eye tone, going into a cat eye direction with a very cool turquoise finish, making it seem shiny like diamond.

Valentine is a red artist expression along the under eye, a red wet lip look and a wet eyeshadow finish. It makes it look glossy and young which made me happy to stare at for a bit.

Don't miss out on your chance to shimmer and shine
There is SOOOO many more 50L skins to choose from is is unbelievable and don't forget to check out the big selections of hairs as well.

Avatar Credits::

Left Avi:
Deviant Kitties
Shoes:: +DV8+ ( you will probley see these shoes alot )
Shirt::Rotten Toe
Hair:: Vixen Hair
Necklace:: +DV8+

Right Avi:
Deviant Kitties
Shoes:: Unknown
Outfit:: Pixeldolls
Necklace:: Ducknipple

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