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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cake Or Death...25L

So I like cake and death comes ether way so this crafty little store combined the name to become CakeorDeath which makes me happy in the giggle fit of laughter.
Buying some stuff from there was no surprise but liking them was guaranteed and it made me like this store even more then from the cool cover work or the store slogan. I must tell you when you walk into the store you will want to buy alot of the stuff in there and I can show you proof not to mention just go in there and see for yourself.. Things I bought while I was there::
  • Queen of Hearts Skin - A ghostly pale skin with blue eyeshadow tones and red and white lips. ( heart shaped lips)
  • Cat Fight Skin- Get in a fight? Kinda looks like you lost...Gotta see for yourself.
  • Love Dress- Blue mini mini dress or shirt depending how you style it. LOVE written all over it.
  • Dream- I am in love with this dress, Being lady gagaish and all I totally took off the prim skirt and work the underblooms.
Unlike all the other shops who charge a high amount of lindens for items CakeorDeath's whole store is 25L. I am not sure if it is perminate or just temporary because I went in there on a chance in seeing what I could find and I was happy with the results...

Avatar Credits::

Left Avi::
Dress:: CakeorDeath
Pants:: AyYaiYai
Furry Boots:: NDN
Necklace:: +DV8+
Hair::Deviant Kitties
Bracelets:: +DV8+
Skin:: CakeorDeath

Right Avi::
Dress:: CakeorDeath
Necklace:: +DV8+
Hair:: Shag Hair
Gloves:: Retox
Skin:: Frick

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