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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Hair @ +DV8+

So maybe working at +DV8+ has its advantages specially when getting nice looking hairs for free. This is a preview of the hair that is gonna be avaliable to the public and probley already is, but you cant never deny a preview of hair specially if you want to try the demo before using any hair. I must say this you might want to try a demo before buying ANY hair specially if you have to know if you need to modify and if it is modify-able in the first place.

This hair fit perfectly to my smaller body and I must say this was the first hair from +DV8+ that is alittle more dressy, and the only one I have seen with the hair actually down with natural bangs ( not so much cyberloxs). The hair has a similar twin and the first of the series that it has created called " Pandora " ( "gift " )which is just a similar colors and in pigtails with falls, it has a more younger look about it and the new one called " Terpsichore " which means " Delight of Dancing" in greek, and yes it does kinda make you want to dance.

Hair is a bit longer then shoulder, close to middle back length and has 2 different fall textures to change the top and bottom falls, not to mention the hair band on the top which is a nifty feature. They also made it so their colors are no indivual so no more color changing and the whole thing changes along with it...they are all singular ( I like it but some may not ) and easy accessible, meaning it comes with a notecard with instructions.

Avatar Credits::
Skin:: Touche
Boots:: +DV8+
Clothing Set:: BlueBlood
Glasses:: [bubble]
Necklace:: Flavor!

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