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Monday, April 19, 2010

Muds N Nias-1L/Freebie Memorial Shirts

April 15th was a hard time for many fans of the industrial/Gothic band Type O Negative when finding out the lead singer Peter Steele, passed away due to heart failure. My heart felt a little sad and queasy finding out that guy with the voice dark and deep had left this word and truly went with the undead.
There was a lot of memorials to him, Dj's that had the hopes up to make the people on secondlife feel a little bit better about his passing, and bringing spirits back up to listen to his music as a remembrance and memories that came with them.

I personally attended many of these memorials to support the passing of Peter Steele, he was one of my favorite artists and very nice to look at (easy on the eyes), not to mention like I said before one of the deepest voices since Exeter Blue from
Deadsy who is another man I rank very nice to look at.

Mud N Nia's has helped with his memorial by putting out T-shirts to make us all wear his symbol with pride, Their was a bunch of them and they are all 1L depending wether or not the owner is on, because if the owner is on she will give you all the shirts for FREE because she couldn't set the price at 0L.

I told her I was happy to purchase them since 1L doesnt nesscarily break the bank or anything but she said she would feel bad making a profit from the death of Peter Steele which is a very nobel quality and she is a very sweet woman in general from the couple minutes I got to speak to her.

The shirt I am taking in the picture is from one of her shirt the regular Type O negative logo shirt with a bit extra,it is a very beautiful lyrical in the back and I think people have to go check out for themselves because I dont like spoiling surprises that touch my little heart.

Avatar Credits:
Mud N Nia's
Pants: Goth1c0
Hair: Vixen
Bracelets: ((RIPE))

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  1. Autumnia Ellisson: Harley, i have just read your blog. it made me very happy.
    HarleyQuinn Constantine: I am glad
    Autumnia Ellisson: i hope the music lives on and does for everyone what it has done for me through out the years
    Autumnia Ellisson: that was really really sweet i cant thank you enough