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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dancing with the +++BlueBlood+++ 13L Gacha

So I thought it would be cool to post the other 13L Gacha because it is a big balloon dress of course..Anything with poofyness I automatically say in my head Lolita because of it's cuteness and makes any girl the super adorable, priceless demon.
So in a good direction I decided to do an active one specially since lately I have been just working in the studio and not so much out interacting with people. With this I give you Balloon in movement..which is awesome when you wanna see an outfit in full swing.
The balloon gacha is one of many awesome
+++BlueBlood+++ outfits available and it is in 4 or 5 colors if my memory has failed me speak up..with gacha's you never know what color your gonna get so ethier try to get them all or just one like I did..They are transferable so if you ever get a double share it with a friend who also loves +++BlueBlood+++ ( but who doesnt right )

The dress is pretty beautiful with accents on the end of the frills in red and the balloon decal on it making the skirt prim poofy as possible. It kinda makes me wanna fly and I think it is very great the way they minimized the top part making it with less detail and concentrated on the top portion of the dress.

I tried to go with a semi fancy outfit putting small shoes and short bob like hair that would show more of the dress off and minimal accesories that doesnt make the outfit look too crazy. ( could have gone without the arm guard but it was too cute and it matched )

Avatar Credits::
Dress: +++BlueBlood+++
Shoes: +DV8+
Necklace: +DV8+
Bracalets: ((RIPE))
Hair:: Tiny Bird
Skin:: Cupcakes

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