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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[Stellar] Hump Day Happiness 69L

Now if you were like me and had to deal with all the stupid log issues then you might have missed the Hump day because of it but then again they have changed the rules and made the hump day prizes still available for a couple days so you shouldn't hesitate.
Since these problems occurred I haven't been able to take really good pictures of the prize I am gonna feature today so I have the display poster to further help you understand how cool this bikini set is.

Ever seen those little girls with the bandanna around there bodies because they are so tiny...( yeah I hate that..) well this mixes a bit of that and practical wear..for the summer.

This set by the talented [Stellar] comes with 2 colors Blue and Red and comes with the shoes as well..They are cute little wedges in both colors and very well made..
Each Bikini set has both pant pieces, all 3 shirt pieces, and a small beaded string piece..So you can mix and match other stuff under or on top of the bandanna bikini.
For 69L you get 2 completely different bikini sets all in one which is awesome specially with the shoes involved in this deal..

Thank the super fabtabulous [Stellar] for the beach wear she has made for us today.

Avatar Credits:
Bikini Set-[Stellar]
Bracelets- +DV8+

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