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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hump Day Happiness::: Week 22 & Special Treat

So here I am telling you about the magical happy hump happiness ( say that 5 times fast) and some more stores that have impressed me this time around.

NOTE: I am usually late with hump day happiness because of the RL work schedule but there here for you to catch the next time around
Wednesday morning till Wednesday night.

So where to start off since I have special somethings for everyone.

The first piece that quite enjoyed was Stellar's Exclusive shirts in 4 colors and all shirt layers.
Yes I mean all shirt layers for 69L which is quite a steal.
Their sheer shirt made me think of a futuristic approach for the pictures I took and it quite worked with latex pants since that seems to always be the pants of choice.The colors come in Silver,Lime,Pink and Red b
ut the silver was my favorite. The exclusive tops make it seem cleavage hugging making it sultry and seductive for the certain man to admire you and I have to say I did get some looks wearing this outfit. ( Maybe it was the shades because they are kinda crazy ).

There was too many angles to this next peice so I had to take many pictures to incorporate it. After deciding I had to show you 2 pictures of the back and front of this wonderful tattoo set from Grunge Inkorporated it is called "Tribal Rain" it comes with a bottom and top layer, but more importantly it comes in 3 shirt layers and the 2 bottom layers for different takes on the outfit ( at one point I had the tattoo outside of my pants because I wanted to see what it would look like ).
The backside also looks beautiful with tribal delicate details all over the back side of the back and shoulders, truly reminding me off a calm rain storm with raindrops down the leg and front chest area. They also had another tattoo I was unfortunate to get pictures of but it is called "Envy Tattoo" which is the same layers as the one shown.

For the surprise there is shoes in the picture above by one of my bestfriends who works really hard on misc stuff for anyone who is intrested in and spoils me and her friends rotten with random shoe, items and for me usually harleyquinn things because I love her.. She is the glittertreats and she is sharing her treats with you.
The shoes come in a different texture in pink with pink laces shown above and you can see it more clearly in the picture below where the avatar credits go.
Click the X to get your pair of Juju Neximus shoes

Avatar Credits:

Left Avi:

Tattoo: Grunge Inkorporated
Skin: Cupcakes
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Shoes: Juju Neximus

Right Avi:

Tattoo: Grunge Inkorporated
Skin: Cupcakes
Hair: Free Speerit
Shoes: ..::Rasetsukoku::..
Shirt: Stellar
Pants: +DV8+
Glasses: +DV8+

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