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Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Hair -Matilda @ Magika

Within the beginning of summer Magika has gotten rid of or retired some old hairs and promised to make new-er and fresher versions of the hair that we all know and love so dearly.Today she posted a new hair out for the world to grab at and I was super happy that I zipped over there as fast as I could like a kid in a candy shop to get a chance to gather money and buy me a copy of this awesome hair.

The new hair is called " Matilda " and it has a long front pony draping over a shoulder and a summer hat on her head. The hat is texture changeable by clicking on it and you have 2 choices between black and wheat which is a yellowish brown colors ( if you didn't know ).

With the summer weather already starting to bloom within the spring months this hat would be perfect for outings and hanging out with your friends. The hat reminds me a bit of an amish look to it because me personally have never ever been able to adapt to hat. ( They dont fit my head :c )
There is also many packs for you to choose from for 199L, but me going for a darker color I chosen the red that is shown in the display photograph. Dont be fooled there is alot of colors packs to aquire, and 7 shades inside the pack you buy.

I love Magika hairs and I go back frequently.
Will You?

Avatar Credits:
( your time to shine )

Hair: Matilda::Magika
Skin: Embrace-April:: Cupcakes ( Easter hunt )
Necklace: Black Diamond Drop::((RIPE))
Belt: N-creation ( chase of the beast hunt item)
Shirt/Dress:Cranberry Sheer::[JE*REPUBLIC] (its a dress)
Pants: +DV8+

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