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Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Themeory #1 Spring Fling---PinkFuel

What is Project Themeory Exactly?
It is weekly event where every Saturday at 12:am SLT groups of designers will place an item at the main entrance of their store for a set price of 75L.

Duration: Saturday 12am SLT- 11:59pm SLT on Sunday ( So 2 days ppls ).

Kind of Stuff?
They are brand new never before seen things that follow a certain theme and only marked down to 75L during the 2 days and will go back to normal prices on Monday.

This Week's Theme?:: SPRING FLING
The best part of Themeory is that every week of the month their will be different designers, themes, and items. You will never get bored and you can start your weekend off great and with cheaper items.

There was many prizes that were worth grabbing and some I grabbed alot but the main one that made my day was Pink Fuel.
I have always ALWAYS loved her skins I think they are pretty, fun and the best quality I have seen since Cupcakes which is my other favorite.

So there was about 5 skins to choose from from pale to darker skin tones. It is from her Ember collection and I got Honey, Milk and Chai. ( which makes me really want some Starbucks ).

In the picture I am wearing Honey which is a tanner then the Milk but lighter then the Chai. The skins are gorgeous and have a delicate look to them that can be paired with any gown or spring dress which is why it went with this weeks theme.

The makeup on the skin is pretty simple and like I stated before a very delicate touch with a greenish gray/white eyelids, rosy cheek and lip texture which gives her a pouty look.

I was very grateful and I loved this skin and all her skins very much. You have no idea what a steal it was to get it for only 75L.

NOTE::: Her Ember Skin comes out on APRIL 16th

Catch you Next Project Themeory

Avatar Credits:::
Skin::Honey:: Pink Fuel
Outfit Set:: Dilly Dolls
About the set I kinda like it more without the skirt because I love bodice shorts..Lmao ( Lady gagaish )
Bracalet:: Concrete Flowers
Necklace:: AR Designs

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