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Friday, April 30, 2010

Rotten Toe Black Dancer 350L Full Outfit.

So this isn't really a sale item even though there is many a wicked sales in the place..Yes I am talking about Rotten Toe, I am not sure why I like the place besides it is overflowing with creep and tutu's and that is just the mix I love.She has many of group items that if your subscribe to her lovely store she gives them all for free which includes skin, hairs, eyes, corsets, and many more stuff in the future to come.
Even a basement is required of this fun she has a lovely one with tons of dollarbies,50bies and other cheapy-bies that are there to make you smile ear to ear ( not to mention pajamas).

I was there quite some time the other day looking through all the stuff she had to offer and after saving my lindens I was able to get her BLACK DANCER look which is a hefty 350L but I have to say it is well made, you can create many a looks, and it is super freaking adorable.
I decided to take on the role of many looks and show you how adorable this really is. I made 2 looks with it without breaking a sweat or changing my hair, skin or shoes. ( So same person different feel to it ).

Look One ^^:: Simple and monochromatic ( which means all one color )..The fetish boots help make the viynal in it pop, and you gotta love that tutu clock..I mean what tutu combines telling time with fashion wear. You cant really go wrong with that I'd say. The corset is really beautiful and it shows a bit of skin so you are sultry and sexy while being dominate and evil looking.

Look 2 >>:: See? Not much change..( lol ) Just a peek a boo violet top for some color and a tiny Lolita style clown hat with the same gloves, mesh and clock tutu. Not so much monochromatic and still beautiful at the same time.

Rotten toe has MANY more outfits that I will soon aquire and lots of the singular items are so cheap ( like those heart glasses I still have to wear ) and bustiers ( aka corsets ).

So...Dont take my word for it see for yourself why she calls herself Rotten Toe...

Clothing Set- Rotten Toe
Shoes- FallnAngel Creations
Skin- Rotten Toe ( Group Gift )
Necklace- +DV8+
Hair- Magika

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