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Monday, May 3, 2010

CStar-Miss May Brazil Skin

~~So this morning I was groggy and tired specially since working and having fair skin I burnt in less then 30 minutes going outside to talk to a customer. ( go figure)
Not having time to do the blogs on the weekend and me passing out on Sunday I didn't have any plans to do a blog today since I had nothing to fall back on ( no sale cards or money )~~

It wasn't until I actually looked through the tens and hundreds of group notices I found a CSTAR lucky chair prize which was a beautiful Brazil Miss May skin in lots of colors.
I dragged my sleepy butt to CStar where I was bombarded by lots and lots of happy CStar Army women and one man.

Miss May Brazil is a unique one of a kind skin where it mixes the colors and feel of a Brazil festival ( on a face of course ), with 2 DIFFERENT color types in varies skin tones.

So I sat and waited for my turn at the lucky chair, sharing gossip and chat with the other Army members until my letter was called and let me tell you I jumped at the H on the screen ( like a spider monkey ), and went home to put
the selected color on my body.

Usually I don't run around in fields of flowers and get naked but today was a special occasion the skin is beautifully toned and even has a lovely textured silhouette making the skin seeming to shine even when you change between night and day.

Their is NOT a bad angle to this skin and even the breasts are under toned to make them seem bigger to the eye ( No nakey Harley for jooo ).
The makeup is flawless using red and orange glittery tints making me feel like I was a butterfly just leaving it's cocoon.

The skin will NOT last for very long because
CStar only makes a certain amount (100) before it is discontinued and she is off on another project so get it while it is hot. NOTE:::THIS SKIN IS ONLY WON, CANNOT BE BOUGHT, AND ONLY FOR THE MONTH OF MAY

Their is one lucky chair, one MM board ( which was locked when I got there :c ), Random accesories cheap ones at that and so many skins you can choose from for a limited time.

Dont miss your chance to sample and taste with

Avatar Credits:
Hair:- +DV8+

**To see more random pictures of this look, CLICK HERE **

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