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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Malizz Yiyuan..Camp Chair/Dollarbies

I love colorful creations and more color the better. I can get boogie on with the color till I myself turn colors. So when the Malizz Yiyuan notecard came through I was very much obliged to go and get their dollarbie things.

That is when I saw it from across the room, the camp chair. I don't like to camp much because I never know what to do in the middle of camping and trying to find someone to talk, but nevertheless I made it...I got the awesome outfit in the camp chair named simply " Breakfast".
Malizz Yiyuan is a store we like to call " Unique" from the simple little glasses to the wackly colored outfits and gadgets. It wasn't hard to fall in love and boy did I fall hard.I first met the store back in a hunt ( though I forgot which ), it was then when I saw their 60
-65L braces I loved. Something so simple and tiny can make my day and so that is when this relationship blossomed.

As I sat in the chair admiring the picture behind my head of the " Breakfast " outfit, I wondered why I liked it so much?

Maybe it was because of the print on the shirt..eggs and toast (which made me pause this post to get some food because it made me hungry), or maybe it was the fact that it has pockets full of breakfasty utensils that doesn't even remotely resemble the breakfast way of...well breakfast.
I must say the best item on this outfit had to be the toast...yes toast in my mouth can only be the best possible thing for this girl.

But if you think this post is at an end I must say you are mistake because Malizz Yiyuan has given me more to express about through pictures. They also have some dollarbie items like I mentioned in the beginning of this love note.

Aren't Sold yet??
How about a WHOLE outfit for 1L, That's right one whole outfit called FREElove it comes with hair, shirt,shoes, shorts,stockings..in varieties of layers and cute little sayings..Starring none other then 2 little hearts on your shirt for the world to see. ( who doesn't love a little heart ).

To wrap up this amazingly ADD surprise she also has LOTS of other dollarbies, Lucky Chairs, Camp Chairs and fun fun walls and pictures...like a funtastical fun house

I give Kudos to Malizz Yiyuan don't forget to stop, buy ( yep buy ) and show some love to them.

Avatar Credits::
Entire Outfit: Malizz Yiyuan
Skin: Pinkfuel
Glasses: [bubble]

Enitre Outfit:
Malizz Yiyuan
Skin: PinkFuel
Hair: Magika
Shoes: +DV8+

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