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Monday, May 10, 2010

+DV8+ Sheds it's clothes..Bikini's/ Pantie's

~~Ive been waiting for summer to come on SL and happy it came alittle bit earlier, Not so much in RL like I have said, I burn up like a tomato from being outside 30 minutes.~~
+DV8+ my love, job and where I spend all my time has put out lots of new items ( which includes bikini's and panties that i turned into bikini bottoms ). Since it is my job to be stylish and demure I put together colors of all the bikini and panties and you cant tell which would be considered panties and which would be consider the whole bikini. That means you can go out in your panties on SL and it would be considered and everyday normality.

**I decided to go alittle neko for this occasion because along with the new bikini's Pinkfuel has came out with a new skin for the 75L themeology which was " Lumber Jack ", they made a cute fawn looking skin and I didnt have antlers ( * sad face * ).**

What is so awesome about these bikinis is that each one is different and stupidly cheap around 40-100 depending if your getting the panties or bikini's ( the panties are cheaper since they are only panties in 2 layers )

They come in varies colors and layers and all sold in a bunch of a certain color pack. For instance Darks, Lights, Specials...whatever color you can think of in a pack..

The 3rd and 4th look are the two pantie sets ( Morrhigan and Lucy's Cabaret ) with added bikini topness to it, didnt want to go all naked on you.

+DV8+ Has Lucky chairs, Riot vends, Group Gifts, Discount Attic, and lots of freebie cuties including the bracelets on my looks...arent they just darling?...( lol ) I dont take them off usually their isnt another bracelet like them.

AvAtar Credits:
Hair: Magika
Shoes: My Juju Neximus ( they were my birthday gift)
Neko Wear:~*~Gemini Lotus~*~

*****NOTE:: Check out My Flickr for more pictures of these looks and my NEW Twitter which updates you on what I am doing, coming from, and random about the blog and myself *****

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