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Friday, May 7, 2010

Sn@tch Review(s)

So after my last little darling ditty came out I didnt know what to post next..could it be I was stumped??
Maybe at the time I was, but that was before the darling
Sn@tch owner sent me a message and offered me to be on her blogger list. What is a blogger list? So far I gathered you get LOTS of boxes of full set outfits or just one outfit and you make a review for it.
With all this tasteful and awesome stuff I decide to come up with 4 different looks using mostly
Sn@tch products wether it be the past hunt items or new stuff she gave me.
Enjoy the Review.....
So these are my looks, I didn't have a direction, I never do but I loved items enough to say woop there they are and
threw them on. ( in a color coordinated mess of course :) )
These looks didn't come with a manual, strategy guide or blueprint..I was just fooling around with things I myself love and instead of writing how awesome they are by doing this you kinda get the point.

Look 1-
I channeled a Christmas thing for some reason..I myself cannot express how much I dislike Christmas the running around, losing more money in a year that you have to take out a second mortgage to buy presents. ( it happens ).

This look is more Christmas party look with the
Sn@tch's Squeeky Platform Sandals ( which can be turned into any color by a drop menu selection ) and Dirty Pop in red. I am also wearing a dollarbie Sn@tch cuffs which I found at a discount market Enky's Dollar$tore along with some other dollarbie's from Sn@tch which portray in the other looks.

The dress Dirty Pop comes in different vibrate colors all at the touch of your fingers, comes with a full skirt, varies layers in shirts and other secrets that I would have to kill you then reveal.

Avatar Credits no 1::
Sandals- Sn@tch
Dress Outfit- Sn@tch
Skin- +Nightshade+
Necklace- DuckNipple ( hunt item )
Hair- Magika ( not available anymore )
Bracelets- Sn@tch

Look no 2-
This look here...well I didn't have a direction I think at the time I wanted to mix animals together.

I used
Sn@tch's Pavi Peacock Earrings in Aqua which are flowy earrings with 3 peacock feathers, along with Sn@tch's Laced Corset in Zebra which are beautiful strapless corsets in many patterns ( I likey pattern ). There is hidden secrets among this look for many reasons..
I couldn't just leave her with a strapless corset and bare arms so I spiced it up a bit using a piece from
Sn@tch's Shorties pack it provided me with armwarmers ( which are used as sleeves) and Sn@tch's Lil Nipper undershirt which provided me with straps..Thus makes the outfit look more classy and less ( not so much ) trashy.

In this picture you cannot see the rest of the pants ( unless you scroll up to the header picture ) but they are Sn@tch's Superdrop Spandex in Blue they are awesome tight fitting, sleek and clean spandex pants with flared leg attachments to make them just alittle bit more real to the eye.

Avatar Credits no 2::
Necklace- +DV8+

Look no 3-
This look to me wasn't my favorite, I think mostly because it is so plain but at the same time I didn't have alot of Cheetah ( or brown )and overly cute pink things. I grabbed yet another Laced Corset from
Sn@tch's many patterns ( including plaid, fishnet, zebra and many more ), then I grabbed yet another part of Sn@tch's Lil Nipper skirt in pink to make it a bit more feminine and not so...wild.

Shoes looking familiar well you should know they were from Hump day Happiness about 2 or 3 weeks ago but I am not sure they are available anymore.
Yes kiddies
Sn@tch is apart of the Hump Day Happiness special where one BRAND NEW item is priced down from a lot to just 69L. They are cute platform boots that have cheetah straps on them, usually I wear them with pants but I thought I would switch it up a little do something out of the normal ways.
Also from
Enky's Dollar$tore I got Sn@tch's Infatuation which is another newbie Accessory set for the people with little money in their pockets. It comes in pink and black and at the time I thought it was a great idea to put Sn@tch's necklace and mix it with a necklace I use often sort of making it seem more busy then then outfit it self. I still it makes the look more personalized and unique so I overall admire it.

Avatar Credits no 3::
Skin: Tyranny Designs
Necklace Combination:
Sn@tch & +DV8+

Look no 3-
The last look is another feminine pants look, that shows toughness but with vulnerability as you can tell from her pose. I wanted to make this one simple but also having layers because layers are golden and without it the crochet tanks.

So I basically took
Sn@tch's Crochet tank in wine under a Lil Nipper in black which made it look like double straps and bolded up the look. The best part of the outfit has to be the Hardware pants which are form fitting and comes in varies printed colors.

The shoes are my favorite part of this outfit they are
Sn@tch's very own T-straps which a heeled shoes with little socks in them, the shoe just like the Squeeky Platform Sandals come with a drop down menu to change the color of the sock. I have always wanted a true stripper heel and even though this heel is covered up with a sock is coming truer and truer each time. I want my Stripper heels ( lovvvee )

Avatar Credits no 4-
Necklace: +DV8+
Hair: ( Curious Kitties )

I hope you all enjoyed my weird and wacky outfits sponserd but the lovely
Dont forget to check out all their other stuff in colors, patterns, flavors whatever that may be.
Now question for you...How many times did I say

**NOTE: Dont forget to check out the flickr I have SO SO many more pictures then these **