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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Agony Designs/ Chameleon

~~So I got these friends who decided to make things in SL..I always was a target for my Juju among her many friends who got everything she made because she is always a nice and gentle soul like that. I get a message in box saying she has made a store called Sweet Agony Deigns which gives me my idea today to showcase her work that I have worn through out some of blog posts. My other friend Plumeria aka Plumbie or Sweet voiced angel has decided to make a shop of her own, Chameleon dedicating to things she does best like shapes which she gave me for this blog specifically.~~

This is the overall look for today of course I had to photoshop this picture because she is smiling and she looks so devilish so I decided to make her look more mysterious...I don't do white skins well because even though I love goth clothing white skin to me is really hard to grasp certain positions but I tried my best to make the pictures really stick out with a bright background.

Sweet Agony Designs is just for now alittle plaza soon to be getting bigger the more she makes and hopefully that is soon, Having some unqiuely different accessories and even a 1L skully bracelets which are pink and black, she is sure to make this a good living.
My favorite piece is the demon pagan horns and tail because of how dark and different it makes you feel, with a touch of roughness with the spikes.

She also makes shoes, me being different I took 2 of her shoes, one being her wedge laces and the other being my birthday presents that has a drop down menu with TONS ( i mean tons ) of different textures, you can even put your own textures into these shoes...But alas till she makes some for sale they are just for me. :)

What makes the outfit come together is not just the accesories that are around but the shape in itself makes the body come alive, and that shape is Chameleon aka Plumbie.
The shape is called Lyria which stands at 6ft tall for those ladies who love a good stature and alittle bit more leg...she also makes shapes in other sizes and style for 500L each.
She also has a hairpiece in many colors and clothes for you gander at, she is a tools of a trade and one of a kind (just have her read to you )
Her store is located right next to
Sweet Agony Designs and they also share a friendship which makes working with both of them a blast.

I am happy to call them both talented girls and wish them the best of luck with their own stores.

Avatar Credits::
Horns:Sweet Agony Designs
Tail:Sweet Agony Designs
Shoes:Sweet Agony Designs
Bracelets:Sweet Agony Designs
Necklace:Sweet Agony Designs
Sweet Agony Designs
Skin: Crimson and Clover ( I cant get a tp )

***Note: Check out the Flickr and the Twitter to see more. ***

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