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Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Dose OF Style: no 2 :- Hard Corn Porn Time

~So lately I haven't found any good says but there is a hunt I might be attempting to do some looks from and maybe if the outfits and items are exceptional for my very easy taste I will do some product reviews...I am kinda thinking of a way I don't have to type anymore...but do more pictures...any ideas you subscribers..lmao.~

Each item on this outfit is a new piece I have acquired over the last week, whether it be my job at +DV8+ or just wanting to go and see something different when I was in my slump ( not saying I am over it ). Besides the stockings which I have gotten over a year ago by now, and some jewelry.

Nothing too extreme or over dramatic a simple look anyone can go out in and any look that will get head turns specially with the shirt print " Hard Core Porn" and lots of devil stuff as my co worker at my job tells me...But ANYWAYS..

Concrete Flowers makes this funtastical speaking top which tickles me pink and blends 2 of my favorite things, the use of black and silver and obnoxiously obvious statements about my personal life. This shirt can be purchased for 50L as well as many of her other shirts.

The longer necklace ( Caged Heart ) is apart of Sweet Agony Designs by my bestfriend Juju Neximus it was about a couple months ago she was secretly doing her own thing sending her inventions and inspections in her own manner to her friends and family and now she has her own shop which I have mentioned many of times...

Hair by LollipopZ from their Midnight Mania board the first time I didn't make it but then they didn't have enough participants so she ended up sending all the hair to the people who went down to hit it. ( I was a happy clam, though it makes me kinda look like Demi Lovado with the whole big forehead thing )

The skirt/ bodice shorts/belt/bracelet/earrings are +DV8+ my faithful companion like pantyhose...they are my only selected accessories since they are hand crafted so well.

Avatar Credits::
Concrete Flowers
Stockings:Arsenic Lace
Skin: *Dilly Dolls*
Long Necklace:Sweet Agony Designs
Short Necklace:+DV8+

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