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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LIKKA and the Tropical Vacation

~ I am not sure why I wanted to make her in the tropical...it started out how I wanted to find a tea party themed location, but I had no luck and couldn't find a quality place ( if you know any please send lm's my way pplz ), So I said what the hell strip off the skirt and become one with the birds...So here it is LIKKA's Tropical Paradise Review. ~

So like I stated before this was suppose to be a tea party with pretty outfits, big wigs and pretty people with feathers in their hats...but then I saw this place..and it kinda changed my mind. When I met LIKKA the first time I was sad to say it wasn't a pleasant time because all my things were erased ( the current purchases from a couple nights before ) and I had to contact the owner to see if she was kind enough to give them back after spending all my linden on her outfits.
This outfit is just one of the many different types of outfits she makes, but usually going around the fantasy couture which is one of my personal favorites, specially all of her poofy skirt layered outfits like " Little Lovebird, and her Clara Dress Collection" which is one of the reasons I am making this blog in the first place. ( I do have a purpose )

I went back to LIKKA couple days ago and saw that her stuff was still very cheap so I purchased her Clara Sliver which is a mixture between Silver, Pink and Black which to say I was very pleased with and continue to wear the outfit to host in that morning.

The outfit comes with arm warmers and legwarmers in black and pink kind of like twine wrapped around your arms and legs with a bit of flare, Necklace also in the signature colors and a body suit in a silverish blue with a silver tutu like skirt which you can choose ether a pink under layer or black.
( not pictured )

This is Little Lovebird, when I bought this outfit I expected it to be amazing and I wasn't disappointed as a jester like character on SL I adore big poofy gowns with unique standards that apply to my taste. Little Love Bird is a blue and white gown with flowing birds all around her in little gold heart shapes. Not to mention a Love bird helping her put her hat, on the bottom is provided a bird cage where her lovely friends hang out inside her dress, with a thin sheet layer of blue fabric covers them safely.
Surprisingly the dress also comes with ballet shoes in white to make the look more ballet and fantasy which makes me give her an A+
Everything in the look is provided for besides the hair and necklace

Avatar Credits:

Clara Dress Silver look:
Dress: LIKKA
Shoes: +DV8+
Skin: Cupcakes
Hair: Rotten Toe

Little Lovebird Look::
Hair: Magika
Necklace: Sweet Agony Designs

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