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Friday, May 14, 2010

PIDIDDLE-Sorry For Partying- 50L Friday Item

50L Fridays are awesome and it is because of this shirt that I like it even more.

PIDIDDLE has made a simple shirt in 2 shirt layers and 2 pants layers for the longer effect.
The shirt is adorable and says " Sorry For Partying", like their is ever an excuse to be sorry for partying..Psh!..

50L friday is every friday ( obviously) and each designer puts out an item, mark it down to 50L and have you people buy it for cheaper then it may or may not be.
These items can be new, old, rare or not...it is up to them to decide
.( the designers rotate )

But I absolutely love this shirt. Makes me want to go partying and NOT be sorry for it.

PIDIDDLE you did good work which makes me happy, and your name makes me giggle in a fit of glee.

( I like trees )

Avatar Credits:
Capris: Sn@tch
Shoes: +DV8+ ( hunt item )
Gloves: !HTC! ( only avaliable on XSTREET )
Garland: WishBox
Necklace: +>Adore&Abhor<+
Skin:Nuuna's Skins
Hair: Hunt item...I have no freaking clue it might be Rotten Toe

NOTE:: I dont really put my shape out because it is just a [ROCKBERRY] shape it has been since I been on SL...all my shapes are [ROCKBERRY] unless I state otherwise.

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