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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is ( was now ) Hump Day Happiness Wednesday ( ONLY WEDNESDAY ) where all your favorite designers come together and put out a brandnew set of item(s) for 69L some people including lots of colors for that 69L that you can make varies combinations of outfits.
This week on Hump Day Happiness I enjoyed alot of the products displayed that I decided why not combine them into an outfit that I would wear around personally. Of course I didnt match very well, because well...I never do..
I decide to blog about Mango,Mango skin, Sn@tch's Shirts and [Stellar]'s Pants they were all so colorful and held on its own which brought the look out even more. (Though I think I should have chosen a darker hair color )

The First Piece is the Mango,Mango skin which I chosen in a pale color, since I myself am a very very pale girl. Mango,Mango offers 3 colors in the obvious skin tones Pale, Tan and Dark ( all separate ) all beautiful in their own color genders. While I was there I noticed little presents under the 69L skin which turned out to be 1L color skins and I mean color skins..I believe from what I purchased ( I haven't had a chance to fool around with them ) their is a gold, purple, and aqua skin much more if you look hard enough. With the skins darker eyebrow and Spanish like tones it was a fun skin to wear and I wasn't disappointed.

Sn@tch has gotten my attention more then just their fish that I seem to get lots of from friends ( being that I never fished before), because it is spring we shall see more color and uniqueness in a outfit which Sn@tch portrays in this shirt so well.
They come in a pack of 5 colors ( Baby blue, Lavender, Sage, White, and Pink ) all for 69L and comes in 2 shirt layers ( jacket and shirt ). Sporting buttons down the front and decal on the sleeves this shirt screams out casual and fun for any occasion.

[Stellar]'s pants are not the first thing that catches my eye being this is the third post about the store in the last month. This has to be one of my favorite Hump Day store to go to with her tight skin tops to her casual holed jeans, each week she surprises me with a totally different suggested item.The jeans come in 2 colors ( which I was so happy I didn't see regular denim jeans ) pink and green. They come in an undergarment and pant layer and even have some attachable cuffs for the real look to it ( no sticky body pants ), and both pants are together in a set for 69L.

If you havent been able to catch this week's Hump Day Happiness catch these stores next week OR go there and purchase your own bit of happiness with many of their selections.

Avatar Credits::
Bracalets: +DV8+
Necklace:Sn@tch ( 1L newbie necklace ftw )
Hair: Rotten Toe ( NEW LOCATION so make sure you update your lm )

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