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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magka 99L Discount Hair = Love

Dear Magika,
You never cease to amaze me, and you have no clue how much I love your hair...I think it is about all I have minus a few others. When your Discount area came out I muchly enjoyed running over to find TONS of selections for 99L and you didnt surprise with me with just one color, you provided the WHOLE color pack for that 99L..Thank you very much for providing me with lots and lots of selections.
Love Harleyquinn :)

These are the lovely hair I purchased at the store it was orginally 4 packs but I only took pictures of 3. So enjoy!

The "Poof" which is an adorable piggy tail poof fest on your head, front sweped
bangs and comes with 34 or 35 different colors.

The "Doll" a longer hair style with waves. Also comes in 34

The " Riddle" I have bought this hairstyle before in brown but now I am able to have all of the colors which is awesome because this is my favorite costume outfit.

Magika doesnt have a set date on when this sale ends...so get what you can before time runs out.

Thank you all for bearing with me with this short entry..I have been alittle head strung and over tired...

There is many more pictures then this including some photoshop edits I did when I was bored...and dont forget I have a twitter when your looking for certain updates...Look in the Detail board for links

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