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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cupcakes/aRAWRa Bake Sale Favorites

~ So I have decided to put a special edited picture in the beginning because I am so cool like that ~

In my spiffy notebox I got a sale card about the awesome CUPCAKES having a bake sale outside her store and other supporting stores around her. Stumped with an idea I took this as my calling and went down to the sale and was surprised on how much her skins were selling...
50L for quality skin that is beautiful and I stress on the BEAUTIFUL made skins..

I decided to get the Daisy Popsicle Set ( not sure if they go together ), They are 50L for each skin but I wanted to be cool and get all the colors so I can say I have a set. The skin is called Popsicle because of the little red stain on the lips which can be said " You are eating a popsicle" which makes me smile.

The skin is very toned and shadowed in the right places making this skin look very realistic and so cheap considering of the usual price CUPCAKES skins are at..So I have to thank her so much for the skins she provided with us this week.

I also snagged a special shirt that made me LOL from the Bake sale also 50L from aRAWRa.

When I saw the shirt what captured me first was the cheeseburger at which I thought " why a cheeseburger???" and then the text loaded properly and I just HAD to get it.

Eat Me Burger Shirt comes in 2 Shirt layers and 2 pant layers to make it longer, I highy enjoyed this shirt much.

Anyone else think it sounds so dirty? *giggle*

Avatar Credits:

Hair: Magika
Necklace: +DV8+
Ring: AyYaiYai
Bracelets: Sn@Tch
( BTW..if some of these dont work tell me because I might have to update )

Check out the flickr for more pictures :D

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