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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kosh&ConcreteFlowers Review

~ So yesterday was a good day, the owner from Kosh&ConcreteFlowers or ConcreteFlowers&Kosh whichever comes first contacted me and now I have lots of things to show you...this is my review for their items and hopefully it will inspire all of you to be a devotee fan like I am.
NOTE: I got a new shape I am testing out for awhile...she is much more shorter and super cutie chubby bunny. ~

The first look was more of a personal put together using some pants..The reason why I decided to take pictures of it I have no clue...It looked so cute on the frame I have that it was hard not to take so many.

When you think of Tweed pants they often go straight to itchy, course, s
oft and flexible material, of course this is Secondlife so none of that applies...maybe the flexible because the more I shrunk my avatar base the lower the pants went down...I lost lots of leg.

I have a thing for pants this summer, tight fitti
ng and hard to put on are my thing..This look is sultry, fiery and adorable.

Look One:
Pants: Concrete Flowers
Earrings, Shoes, Legwarmers, Shirt: Sn@Tch
Tattoo: Grunge Inkorporated
Hair: Magika

Second look is more out of the olden times because of the flower power...I have never been much of a flower fan but these shirts are so adorable..they come with a hem which makes the shirt baggier and cuffs which makes the shirt more realistic but I love them with or without.

I also thought a cute add would be the little fanny pack that comes in varieties of flowers, vines and roses ( roses should be separate because they are prettiest )..It is big for wider hips so you might have to form fit it to your perfect shape which is very easy and also time consuming as well.

Pointing out that pinstripe anything is pretty much awesome these pants work very well with flower textures showing that too much pattern is never a bad thing.

Look 2:
Shirt:Concrete Flowers
Fannypack:Concrete Flowers
Hair: Tiny Bird
Boots: +DV8+

Thirdly, I have been working with shapes on my photoshop so this is what I came up with showing off main parts of the outfit...of course in dog shapes..
Weird dog shirt makes me giggle I never wore so many animals on a shirt before not to mention in a colored fashion. This shirt also comes with a hem and cuffs to make it more flexible to wear.

The Pants are Corduroy in berries color and with all these looks comes endless possiblites in colors so you never have to take my color scheme. They come with cuffs to make the pants also more flexible or you can do a me and put on boots to make them into skinn
y jeans.

Nothing can be better then a cheesy foot lollipop to make you all happy inside. Gotten from a lucky chair awhile back.

Look 3:
Shirt:Concrete Flowers
Lolli:Concrete Flowers

My last look is more of the cute pink dog shirt that was 1L or free in the upstairs area. He reminds of a puppy that has gotten scared by something big..Going with the theme of the weird dog shirt before it I wanted to make this outfit more neutral and have just the one shirt be colorful while everything stands out on it's own.

The Undershirt is another flower power shirt in gray/black showing the look's feminine side, surprisingly it worked very well so kudo's for imaginary dressup in my head.

Of course nothing would be complete without another pinstripe pants in gray because skinny jeans are the best jean invented.

Look 4:
Shirt:Concrete Flowers
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Undershirt:Concrete Flowers

My little ending statement is if you like them check out their store and look at all their stuff they have SOOOO much awesome in one little store..wether it be lucky chairs, graphic tees, form fitting stuff...and I am happy to represent them the best way I know how :)

Check out the Flickr for more Random pictures of these looks.

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