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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kawaii Hunt Favorites

~ As you know by now, I dont do full hunts...I am a skipper ( lol )

NOTE: Sorry if the font looks too big, I tried fixing it like 50000000 times and it wont fix right, lets just call this " THE BIG TEXT BLOG ENTRY "~

#9 Atypical & #22 Paradisis

Atypical has a doggie set for this hunt with teeth, 2 different sets of ears, collar, 2 different layers of tails ( stomach or pelvis ) and even a cute bone for your mouth * Knaws on bone* nom nom nom

Paradisis has made this adorable little dress for you to wear while your running digging holes for your bone ( does not come with shoes *A BOMB* shoes ).

( I wanted to draw just then )

# 31 The Dollhouse & # 39 XD Fusion

The Dollhouse has a little shopping dress for you, and I must say this is the " cute " est thing I have worn in a long time so you have to say, " why? " ( lol ) I love the candy strip-per look and the short skirt with the little over excited shopping bags on it. Another excuse to wear pig tails.

XD Fusion has given me a new friend, I have not named him yet, though I cant think of one word besides Customizable. ( 0.o )
You can put any face, word or vulgarity on that little guy with just a simple command ( /42 )

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